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Where Light & Dark Meet

tulum, mexico

Relax into the beauty of now and reclaim your space to simply be.

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Gabrielle Caldwell & Meg Jamison

Osho Collective | SoulWork

March 2-8, 2019

A week long immersion to tap into your truest self.
In a vibrant community, we provide profound tools combined with a more simplistic way of being together. Magic is the dream and destination that marks the FLUX experience.
We hope you join us!


the experience


This is a never-done-before curation of adventure, wonder, and bliss. We inspire the body to release as we blend the vibration of embodied movement, mindfulness training, elements of the sacred, spaciousness to be, and nature immersion.


nature immersion

While in Mexico, we will take the opportunity to align with the rhythms of nature. We'll have dream circles under the stars, rise with the sun to meditate on the beach, and commune with all living beings on our cenote excursion. Connect with your primal Self.


We honor and work with Sacred elements. This is the heart of our union. We will come together, share, find freedom, laugh, burn brightly, and feel again the magick within each of us. In circle, we deepen our trust. 

transformative Movement

A blend of yoga, meditation, breathwork, and ritual dance are the foundation of our program. Through movement, we remember the quickest way to fulfillment is through the body. Emotions reference the past and fear the future, but feeling is being present in the now. Be at ease in the now.

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casa de las olas


We invite you to Casa De Las Olas, a 100% sun-powered, sustainable oasis just outside of the super chic Tulum town center. At our beach front villa, you will relax into 6-nights of eco-luxury accommodation, healthy, fresh and local meals, our own private beach, and more.

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about us

Your Guides


After leading retreats together for the past year, we have expanded infinitely. Our creative partnership is unlike anything we've ever experienced. We never do the same thing twice. Always listening deeply to what is needed takes us to new places for each and every group. Our wideopen hearts welcome this work and we are elated to share  in exploration and Tulum with you!


Gabrielle Caldwell

Gabrielle is a ReUnion Facilitator and co-owner of OSHO Collective Salon+Wellness Spa. She considers herself a steward of sacred space; both OSHO and the space of another's honorable journey. You'll often hear her say, "Welcome to being human!" 

After silently enduring a long, seemingly inexplicable depression, Gabrielle awakened to her own light and freedom through Awareness Training and ReUnion Facilitations. The combination of being guided to new paradigms of understanding of her experience of life, coupled with accessing and realigning the energy, archetypal stories, and beliefs held in the body allowed her to begin connecting profoundly with others on a similar path.  In time, she developed the insight to see, and the courage to powerfully CHOOSE what she came to know as her life path: witnessing and being fully present to the nobility of people's hearts, honoring both the beauty and the struggle of becoming fully human.  She guides her clients to open to and nurture their own unique purpose-driven life.  

It is Gabrielle's prayer that her life stands for the possibility of true healing and growth, connecting to the sacred, and living life fully and passionately. 

Meg Jamison

Meg is a yoga teacher, brand designer, and artist. She is passionate about doing Soul+Work, where she is the head creatress. Over the past several years, she has used creativity, embodiment and a whole lot of soul to transition her life into a place of passion.

There was a time when Meg suffered through an uninspiring career - now, she uses embodiment and mindfulness along with intentional art and design to live a full, vibrant life. She wants to help everyone find this same sense of inspiration and purpose!

Meg is able to dive deep with her clients to uncover their incredible story. She does this by way of freeing up the physical body to explore the emotional and spiritual essence. It is from this place of openness that we are able to work through self-limiting beliefs, experience the energetic qualities of freedom, and follow that bliss into a more creative life. Meg loves to see her clients start new businesses or passion projects, but more importantly, she offers the transformation of creating a personal practice and small, daily-life shifts that make a magical difference.

Meg will guide us through ceremony, meditation, and movement. She is certified in Reiki, practices Thai Massage and therapeutic acroyoga.


Limited to 12 Jungle Goddesses

We love intimacy, adventure, spaciousness, and courageous hearts coming together.

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Supporting Women in the World

We believe that our healing is important and we acknowledge as many are healing so are many still suffering.

On this retreat, we will offer a powerful movement of global prayer and an afternoon of service to a local non-profit.

It starts here...


be the ripple with us. 

After going through FLUX, you will join a community of women who speak the same language. We are committed to fullness in the world and we help eachother to achieve just that.

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