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Where Light & Dark Meet

Spirit of Coalescence 


nashville, tn | Nov 17, 2018

Connecting Music City’s Mindful Community

All are welcome


A Unique Gathering of

the masculine & the FEMININE

Join us for a dedicated day of spiritual exploration and connection.

workshops + creativity + Community + movement + meditation

Held at the beautiful Trimble House


Daylong Pass



what's this all about?


Inspiring Workshops

Our group of teachers, leaders, and healings will pull us all together to create authentic discussion, teach us how to practice powerful tools and develop real relationships.


Healing Zone

Participate in some extraordinary group faciliations during the day that will allow us to expand and find new clarity. THEN we will have access to some incredible healers and intuitives for our evening together. Check out the healers below!


Empowered Community

Nashville's intuitive leaders will be holding space for everyone and sharing their tools and tips for building your truest desired life. While we want to support the growth of your work, this is not a networking event. This is an opportunity to transform and heal from a place of vulnerability and authenticity. We can learn so much from each other. We Are Never Alone.


Creative Ritual

This day will unlock your potential to dream and create. It seems simple to dream about our lives, but it is often a muscle we haven't flexed in quite some time. Crystalize this perspective with a vision board and heartsharing.


Potions & Nourishment

We will provide delicious, beautiful, healthy food throughout the day, including snacks, lunch, and dinner, as well as a potion bar to make your own herbal teas, essential oil sprays, bath soaks and more. Provided by the kitchen witches at In Good Company!


Our Schedule


Doors open at 930am
We begin promptly at 10am.

We will resolve by 7pm
with a beautiful dinner and togetherness.


The Venue 

Located in the up-and-coming Napier Area of Nashville, this industrial indoor/outdoor space will serve as the perfect backdrop for us to co-create and commune for the day.


Healing Zone

Readings + Energy Work + Reiki + Astrology

You will book your session upon our entering the gathering.

Are You In?

Be the truth our world needs.

The work we do in this space is beneficial not only for ourselves but for all beings everywhere.


Hell ya, let’s do this!