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Where Light & Dark Meet

Mexico Schedule

Our daily structure will include a morning meditation and movement practice. Afternoons will include focused workshops and healing sessions. We will include plenty of time for rest, relaxation, and exploration.




Opening To Possibility

Taxis from the airport will be organized for you and we will begin with a beautiful dinner and fire ceremony on the beach.
We will collectively share an intention for our time together and begin to do the work to create our dreams.
Yes, there is more to be experienced in this life and we will find it together.


Sourcing Guidance From Your Intuition

Together, we will open up to the wisdom of the body/intuition and find an inner stillness that is unshakeable.
If you choose, you may schedule spa treatments in advanced to support you after a long travel day.
Our evening session will be a practice in community unlike anything you've known before.
You'll learn deep relational skills to carry through the week and how to use tools for intuition.


Clearing To Find Your Vision

We'll sit in Temazcal ceremony with a local elder to sweat out impurities, so that we can be together more fully.
Our practice will be focused on grabbing a vision from the darkness so that you can move forward with confidence.
The evening will be spent finding your inner healer in teachings of intuitive touch.


Journey To Cenote

This isn't your average jaunt to a cenote.
Gabby & Meg will orchestrate an entire movement around this amazing purification process.
Our evening session will be a Personal Transformation Session with Gabrielle that includes a journaling process, Q&A and space to dream with guidance.


Freeing Day

After our morning movement that will create unbridled joy and freedom in the body,
enjoy our amazing space or adventure into Tulum center for you.
Our afternoon workshop will be a Branding Session with Meg that includes an overview of personal branding, Q&A, and an opportunity to pick her brain on all things business creation.


Visioning The Extraordinary

After our morning magic, we'll enjoy a gorgeous dinner on the beach and dream a new dream under the stars together at our final meditation and closing.


Adventuring On

After a blood pumping morning and celebratory brunch, shuttles will carry you to the airport. You are welcome to continue your stay through the week at our extended group rate. Please let us know if you would like to stay for additional nights and we will be happy to help you arrange that.



our eco-luxury accommodation includes:


7-days, 6-nights at Casa De Las Olas
(3) Local, Fresh Vegan Friendly Meals Overlooking The Beach
Meditation & Movement Sessions Everyday

Focused Workshops Every Afternoon
A Healing Session with Meg & Gabrielle a $220 value
Cenote Adventure & Temezcal Ceremony
Stargazing Meditations & Beach Bonfires

Pricing between $3200 - $3700 depending on room type

Flights under $400, not included, Southwest flies to Cancun





Junior Suite



King Suite



King Suite with Balcony



Owner's Suite with Large Balcony


Limited to 12 Jungle Goddesses.


We look forward to having you! Please share the information below and we will reach out to you personally to connect and ensure this retreat in Mexico will be the best fit and support for you.

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